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Radio  Maths  Course
How much does it cost?

What is included in the course?
We cover every calculation and formula that you will ever need in your radio studies. This includes everything needed for success in the Foundation, Intermediate and Full examinations.

Why do you run this course?
We find that often students are put off attempting to progress to Intermediate and Full level examinations because they are intimidated by the mathematical requirements of their study.

How long does the course last?
This is an eight-week course (one hour per week).

How many students will be on my course?
You  will be in a group of no more than a total of five students. The reason  for this is that we want to ensure all student take an active part in  the session. We find that smaller groups enable a fully inclusive  environment.

I haven’t used a calculator for a while. Does this matter?
No, we will show exactly how to enter the relevant information into your calculator and in what order. Along the way you will be given access to all of our calculator tips and tricks. It is essential that you have an appropriate calculator before starting the course.

Which calculator should I buy in preparation for the course?
We recommend using a Casio fx-83GT or Casio fx-83GT PLUS. These are affordable models and are used by lots of school, college and university students.

When do you run your courses?
January to Feburary.
March to April,
May to June.
July to August.
September to October.
November to December.

How do I book a place on the Radio Maths Course?
Click here to complete a short form. Following this, we will arrange a time to speak to you. It is important that we talk to you before you register. This is simply to make sure that this course is the right choice for you.

Book your place on the Radio Maths Course.

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