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Foundation Revision Session
Maybe you have trained yourself without taking part in a course. That’s great but would you like an intensive one-to-one, two-hour revision session with our experienced trainers? We will run through lots of revision questions with you so that you can go into your examination with increased confidence.

The cost of this service is £50

Intermediate Revision Session
Are you about to take on the Intermediate examination? Do you think that you would benefit from a two-hour revision session?

We can use the one-to-one session to explore some example questions or clarify topics that are causing you trouble. Or a bit of both!

The cost of this service is £60.

Full Examination Revision Session
We provide a three-hour bespoke revision session for Full examination students. This can take place at a time that is convenient for you and can be tailored to suit your needs. For example, you might have one or two particular aspects of the course that are causing you trouble. We can help you with those. Or, perhaps your mathematics/ calculator skills need some work. We can help you with these too.

Many students like us to ask them as many revision questions as possible in the three hours. This is particularly useful if you find that you struggle to identify how to approach certain questions.

Or we can do a bit of all of the above. The choice is yours!

The cost of this service is £70.

One-off Training Session(s)
So, you are 95% ready for your examination but there are just a couple of things that will not make sense to you not matter how hard you try. Well, why not book a one-off session with us to help you out.

The cost of this service is £40 per hour.

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