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Foundation Training Course
How much does it cost?

Why is the course so competitively priced?
We enjoy what we do and take pride in helping students be successful in their studies.

How long does it take?
Eight weeks. Each week we explore different topics in detail. The sessions are designed to be engaging and fun. We use a range of resources to help meet your learning style. Our approach involves using: lecture slides, question and answer sessions, group discussions and interactive quizzes.

How does the training take place?
All training is undertaken online via free video conferencing software, which can be run on PC, MAC, tablet, smartphone etc. We recommend you use your headphone/earphones to avoid feedback issues. And that's it, it's as easy as that!

How many students will be on my course?
You will be in a group of no more than a total of five students. The reason for this is that we want to ensure all student take an active part in the session. We find that smaller groups enable a fully inclusive environment.

Do I need to be part of a radio club/society?
No, these days you can register directly with the RSGB in order to take your exam online.

What makes this course better than others?
We don't train students to merely scrape over the line. Instead, we provide thorough, in-depth training which not only fully prepares you for the exam but is also the perfect stepping stone for the next level.

I have no experience/ have never used a radio before. Does that matter?
The short answer is: no! We have trained students who have dabbled a bit in CB or been shortwave listeners. We have also trained students who have absolutely no experience in radio but are interested in making a start.

When do you run your courses?
January to Feburary.
March to April.
May to June.
July to August.
September to October.
November to December.

How do I book a place on a Foundation Course?
Click here to complete a short form. Following this, we will arrange a time to speak to you. It is important that we talk to you before you register. This is simply to make sure that this course is the right choice for you.

Recommended Reading
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